What golf gear do you need to play the game of golf? Of course, you need clubs, balls, and a bag, but don’t forget about golf bag accessories.

Golf bag accessories are critical to helping you improve your game. They help you keep your equipment clean and performing as designed. They provide you with the data you need to execute high-quality golf shots. Golf bag accessories are the glue that holds your golf game together.

You spend hours every month working on your golf game. You invest the time, so why not invest in the gear that’ll help you play better? 

It is a broad category, so let’s explore the 5 golf bag accessories you must have. Take your game to the next level in 2022!

Top 5 Golf Bag Accessories For 2022

1. Golf Valuables Pouch

Golf Camo Pouch Bag. SOURCE: SundayGolf.com
Golf Camo Pouch Bag. SOURCE: SundayGolf.com

What do you do with your wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses while you’re on the course? Don’t be the golfer in the parking lot following your round digging through your bag trying to find the keys to your car. This can ruin your day.

The solution is simple: invest in a golf valuables pouch. Attach it to your golf bag and always know where your valuables are after the round. This golf bag accessory will also keep your valuables safe, helping avoid scratches on your watch and phone. There’s plenty of storage for the items you want to protect while you focus on trying to make birdie putts.

There are plenty of golf valuables pouches on the market, but we trust the Dime Bag by Sunday Golf.

2. Divot Repair Tool

Callaway 4 in 1 Divot Repair Golf Tool. SOURCE: Dicks Sporting Goods
Callaway 4 in 1 Divot Repair Golf Tool. SOURCE: Dicks Sporting Goods

The 2nd product on our list of golf bag accessories will make golf course superintendents smile. Leave the course in better shape than you find it by repairing pitch marks on the green. Pay it forward – fix your divot and one more on every green.

Sure, you can repair the green using a golf tee, but we recommend you do it correctly with a divot repair tool. The Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool is an inexpensive golf bag accessory to add to your collection. This product is more than meets the eye. It’s a divot repair tool that also has features (small bristles) to help clean the grooves on your clubs. Once you hit the green and fix your divot, you can use the magnetic ball marker. It’s compact enough to carry in your pocket while you play. 

3. Golf Tees

Lucky Bamboo Golf Tees. Source SundayGolf
Lucky Bamboo Golf Tees. SOURCE: SundayGolf

Have you ever tried to hit your driver “off the deck”? How did that turn out? You can’t play a round of golf or visit a grass driving range without golf tees. The definition of a “must-have” golf bag accessory.

The only question left to answer is – what type of golf tee should you use? You can choose almost any color in wood or plastic. Golf tees come in different lengths as well. 

Let’s keep things simple. Try the bamboo golf tees by Sunday Golf. They’re durable and eco-friendly. Might as well help our Mother Nature as you play.

4. Golf Ball Cleaner

Amphibian Golf Ball Tower clean. SOURCE: FroggerGolf
Amphibian Golf Ball Tower clean. SOURCE: FroggerGolf

A perfectly struck iron shot can be ruined by mud on your golf ball. The dirt will cause your ball to unnaturally curve. The good news is there’s an easy solution. Check out the Amphibian golf ball towel by Frogger.

What makes this golf accessory unique is its multiple-layer design. You wet the inner layer while leaving the outside dry. Use the moisture to clean off dirt and the outside to wipe your ball dry. It easily attaches to your golf bag or belt loop. Use this PGA Merchandise Show award winner to keep your golf ball clean. “Mud balls” will be a thing of the past.

5. Rangefinder

The ACE Golf Rangefinder. SOURCE: PinnedGolf
The ACE Golf Rangefinder. SOURCE: PinnedGolf

A rangefinder is an expensive golf accessory but is also the most valuable. Unless you plan on paying a caddie every time you play, you need a rangefinder. Golf is a game of inches, and knowing your yardage is critical to your success. Be confident in your club selection.

The Ace is a reasonably priced option for the golfer that only wants quality products. This rangefinder will vibrate to let you know you have hit the pin and will display your yardage on an HD LCD display. Play 50+ rounds with one USB charge.

Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Game In 2022

Golf can be frustrating. As soon as you think you have your swing figured out, something goes wrong. You finally fixed your slice, but now you’ve developed a hook. Do you ever put it all together? You hit the ball great, but you have a bad putting day or you putt great but can’t keep your driver in bounds. We’ve all been there.

Make sure you have the right golf bag accessories to support your game. Always know your yardage. Keep your golf ball clean and flying straight. Don’t lose focus on your next shot because you aren’t sure where you put your wallet. Keep your mind on your game and let your golf bag accessories improve your scores. 

This could be the year you finally break 100, break 90, break 80, or even break par. Good luck and play well!