An ultra-fast racing yacht with lightweight materials is a recipe for a thrilling ride and the Persico F70 is one such concept that is all about embracing the mantra of speed. A hyperboat is akin to a hypercar with exotic materials used in its construction and a ruthless dedication at the altar of performance. That said, Persico Marine, Carkeek Design Partners, and Pininfarina Nautical have conjured up a unique concoction that appeals to both facets of yacht life. While it can indulge in regatta racing, this concept can also be used as a lavish daysailor.

Persico F70 Hyperboat Concept

 This is all about the Italian philosophy of speed and how nonchalantly it combines with luxury. This concept yacht is a full foiling 70ft elegant racer and is engineered to fly on the water. Amongst 70-footers, the Persico breaks the mold with a full-foiling technology. While combining such full-foiling regatta performance and daysailer features proved to be a “challenge” the teams managed to pull it off with the aerodynamics shaped in a Wind Tunnel. The aforementioned lightness comes due to it being entirely made of carbon composite and weighing just 10,000 kgs. As a result, it can go faster than other yachts of this size. A lot of the core DNA is being taken from racing yachts too while the foils are derived from the IMOCA60 along with elevators on the rudder blade- similar to the AC75s. It is claimed that the boat can reach full flight mode with only 10 knots of wind, without resting on the downwind side of the hull. What’s more, the foils will be completely retractable to allow the F70 to dock easily, and the project will avail itself of the same CFD and VPP software used on both the IMOCAs and the AC75s. 

The Persico F70 also looks fast while even standing still thanks to its plethora of sleek lines and aerodynamic influences being generously sprinkled on its exterior surface. The shape is incredibly smooth and well detailed with numerous racing design flourishes included. The interior is seemingly different from your regular luxury yacht or even not as spartan as a racing boat. There is again a clear emphasis on lightweight materials and a futuristic design. The insides also have a unique color palette with contrasting shades put to good use. There is less clutter and wide-open spaces with structural rings being the broader canvas. It is also decked up with the required luxury amenities while requiring a smaller crew for its upkeep. The new F70 will be constructed at Persico Marine’s purpose-built yacht building facility where component ovens, autoclaves, and vacuum tables, in-house CNC machining, and prepreg cutting equipment would be used. Announced in March, the Persico F70 unravels a new segment in terms of performance and luxury plus a futuristic layout while its design above all is what endears with us the most.