Shortly after being named “Most Admired American Whiskey” by UK-based Drinks International, Michter’s started shipping 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon to its distributor and importer network in November last year. The American whisky brand is known for some of the best blends, the 20-year bourbon is one of them. “I really enjoy this release because the barrels that our Master Distiller Dan McKee and our Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson selected for it are so layered and rich,” stated Michter’s President Joseph J. Magliocco.

This 2021 edition marked the first release of Michter’s 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon since 2019. Wilson commented, “This whiskey really showcases how thoughtful care and attention throughout the aging life can lead to an absolutely beautiful expression. Sipping it mirrors the experience of savoring a fine, decadent dessert.” Talking about the entire process, Michter’s Master Distiller Dan McKee said,” We pay extra special attention to our barrels once they reach 15 years because we want the barrels, we offer to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and oak-driven complexity,”.

On October 21st, 2021, Drinks International’s published the inaugural list of The World’s Most Admired Whiskies and Michter’s was voted the number one most admired American Whiskey and the number four most admired whiskey on the entire list. In describing the Academy of voters assembled to rank the whiskies, Drinks International stated, “Our Academy consists of buyers, bar owners, writers, educators, and other specialists who carry no affiliation with any brand to ensure that the results burden no bias and retain integrity across the board.” Michter’s has a rich and long legacy of offering traditional American whiskeys of uncompromising quality.

With its limited production offerings aged to peak maturity, Michter’s highly acclaimed portfolio includes bourbon, rye, and American whiskey. Currently, the Louisville-based distiller is allocating every one of its whiskey offerings as demand exceeds supply. The proof of this 2021 release is 114.2 (57.1% ABV), and the suggested U.S. retail price for a 750ml bottle is $750.