Celebrate National Vodka Day with this Threepenny Mary Cocktail by the renowned Fortnum & Mason. And the great thing about this cocktail is that it can be easily scaled up (for example if you want to make a jug full for convenience), just ensure the liquids are proportionally increased. Plus, add some extra complexity by using their marmalade vodka. A delicious classic.

– 100 parts tomato juice
– 120 parts vodka
– 15 parts smoky, peaty Islay Single Malt Scotch
– 15 parts Worcestershire sauce
– 12½ parts Amontillado Sherry
– 1 splash of orange bitters
– Lemon juice to serve

Special Equipment
– Cocktail shaker by Arthur Price


– Add all the ingredients in the shaker, and shake well until combined.
– Let it steep overnight or longer in the fridge.
– When you’re ready to serve, pour the liquid into a long chilled glass over ice.
– Slice lemon into wedges and add along with celery to garnish.

You can also replace the standard vodka with Sir Nigel’s Orange Marmalade Vodka and omit the bitters.