Fashion and feminism or women’s rights have always had a tandem relationship throughout history. This is a very complex relationship, especially because people use fashion as a tool for creating social change. 

In today’s world, clothing isn’t only used as an aesthetic form of expression but also as a statement. Women can make a political statement through clothing. As such, the relationship between women’s rights and fashion has become even more significant as the fashion community has begun to take more action for the rights of women. 

Fashion allows Women to express themselves

There is no reason to try and minimize the message of feminism, especially in the advocacy of human rights. We don’t need to take anything away from the fashion the community message they’re trying to convey. Rather, fashion can add to this fight. 

The way you dress can be an expression of your own gender identity and beliefs. Even a simple shirt can tell other people what you care about, but remember that what you purchase can have an impact on the environment and the communities that produce the products that you buy. 

Fashion emphasizes Leadership and Collectivity

The weaker sex – or so they say – can make themselves the foundation for social change in the economic world. Whether the women are in high-class positions, part of the middle class, or the bottom. For the women in high echelons, their leadership can provide improved working conditions, a working environment that’s more positive, and they can be role models for aspiring female entrepreneurs. 

The women in the middle or bottom class can get themselves involved in the creation of unions, which will then stand up for women’s rights. The formation of trade unions is a powerful instrument in ensuring safe working conditions, protecting workers’ rights, and negotiating benefits. Collective bargaining agreements are essential in the improvement of labor conditions, especially for women. There are many challenges that women face. But through cooperation and coordination, they can organize themselves in asking for better working conditions. 

An association can be a powerful tool to help these women become more independent and stronger. This will bring about significant changes in working conditions in the fashion industry and other industries too.

Read Essays about Inequality

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Fashion builds Skills and Knowledge

Since many consider fashion a “feminine” thing, many people tend to underestimate the economic effect of the fashion industry. But the potential of fashion to create various jobs, increase the value of raw materials, bridge geographical boundaries, and develop innovation is limitless. 

Even if the capacity and ideas already exist among successful entrepreneurs, there is still will be a need to expand. Women in the fashion industry should have the willingness to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to understand the industry better, have leverage opportunities, and expand their customer base. 

When these women succeed, they can generate more revenue and jobs. These days, women designers have in their employment thousands of workers at different locations across the globe. You can see these situations as opportunities to become an active participant in a remarkable supply chain as it will connect you to artisans whose works are deeply rooted in tradition.

Those whose businesses support women all over the world, especially in countries with developing economies. Fashion is an incredible power that can improve the lives of women. It can give both a voice and an income along with the opportunity to serve sisterhood and the global community.

Go through Human Rights Essays too

For many girls, the first time they experience gender inequality is when they enter college. When experiencing these things, young girls and women should go online to learn more about their rights and feel brave enough to speak up. With the help of the many college essays on human rights issues on WritingBros, you can learn all about women’s rights. These are free of charge and they can enlighten you as you try to cope with the issues you face in school. 

Fashion is commonly seen in Women’s Movements

The link between fashion and feminism started early in the 20th century. A standout way of addressing gender stereotypes for women in the past is when they chose to wear white as the color to lead their campaign in the suffragette movement. 

Wearing all-white clothes and the traditional dresses of that time were ways for suffragettes to appropriately counter their immorality from the perspectives of their opponent. Those women didn’t intend to challenge the impractical dresses. Instead, by using the color rather than the outfit, anybody could participate in their movement, thus allowing greater accessibility.

The use of fashion in the women’s rights movements has become symbolic. For instance, today, wearing all-white is a way for women to pay homage to the suffragette movement. This has now become a common choice for Democratic women in the House of Representatives.


For hundreds of years, society has always considered fashion as frivolous – a representation of women who are very shallow-minded. But all the academic publications that focus on fashion as a crucial part of culture have started the shifting of attitudes toward it. This has then sparked the fashion community to become more active in the fight for women’s rights.