Fran E. Miller

Luxury Lifestyle Journalist & Editor

A luxury focused freelance feature writer for a variety of lifestyle publications and websites. When not traveling, she can be found walking her Northern California neighborhood with her beloved golden retrievers Reggie and Nate.

Tracy E. Beard

Freelance Writer + Photographer

A freelance writer and photographer, Tracy's work has been published in Northwest Travel & Life, Luxe Beat Magazine, and other publications. Her stories focus on luxury and adventure travel, spas, fine dining, and wine.

James Wong

Freelance Travel Writer

A freelance traver writer originally from London, now based in US. James spent two years writing hotel reviews for airline publications, before covering local events for Tokyo Weekender Magazine in Japan. He freelances for the travel section for a variety of publications overseas including Vogue, Vogue Man, GQ and Esquire.

Nikita Vivek Pawar

Freelance Lifestyle Writer

A luxury features writer who enjoys writing about all things luxury and wants to explore the world of luxury to encapsulate the novelties and legacies it has to offer. Traveling and reading are her favorite pastime activities. On her bucket list is getting a cat and visiting Croatia and Greece.

Barbara Palumbo

Jewelry + Timepiece Editor

A freelance editor who enjoys writing about fine jewelry and watches for multiple other lifestyle magazines.

Leslie E. Royal

Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Leslie E. Royal is an international travel writer, author, micro-influencer, and veteran multi-media journalist. She loves to travel with her wonderful husband Tony, grandbaby Kedei Savanna, children Antasha and Jay, and son-in-love Jules! When she's not traveling, she's writing and working on other exciting projects. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including Chicago Tribune, ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, Upscale Living, Medium, The Ashro Blog, AAA Midwest Traveler, Upscale, and AAA Southern Traveler. She is an Ashro Brand Ambassador and the host of their popular video series called Onward and Upward with Leslie E. Royal. The creator of the Leslie’s Lane consumer information blog, she has two books: Leslie Lane The Book!: Your One-Stop Internet Resource Guide to Links for Jobs, Inspiration, Discounts, FREE Stuff, Scholarships, Travel & More ( $14.95) and How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book for FREE with Amazon’s KDP: An Easy Way to Complete Your Manuscript in Seven Stress-Free Steps ($9.95). Follow Leslie on Instagram @LesliesLane and see her Amazon Author Page.

Tim Cotroneo

Freelance Travel Writer

Tim Cotroneo is a travel writer specializing in island hotels, villas, and golf. My passion for writing was sparked by an article covering the Turks and Caicos Islands. A series of golf articles blossomed into travel destination pieces and business profiles. Nothing gets me jazzed like the anticipation of a trip to a destination I’ve never visited before. At each new stop, I find fascinating people with a story to tell.

Rebecca Underwood

Travel Journalist

A Travel Journalist, based in London. Rebecca's love of travel goes back to her prior career as a croupier on board luxury cruise liners and her journalism experiences began in 2004 when she joined Mayfair and St James' Life as the resident travel writer. Today, Rebecca lives and travels with her mother and the list of destinations that they are keen to explore continues to grow!

Damon M. Banks

Golf + Real Estate Editor

As an award-winning journalist and accomplished media professional with 20+ years of experience, I have worked with a dynamic portfolio of projects over the years. This includes editorial assignments around the world; brand marketing collaborations; ongoing copywriting and copyediting contracts; representing travel, lifestyle and luxury brands as an ambassador; and executing management roles.

Priscilla Pilon

Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Priscilla Pilon is a print and digital photo journalist with 30+ years of writing experience. Her focus is on food, wine, boutique hotels, and unique adventures. She is an accomplished social media expert, brand ambassador, and author. She is an admitted Paris addict and is the Publisher/Editor of The Weekend In Paris.

Somnath Chatterjee

Automobile Editor

For me the biggest luxury is the freedom to go anywhere at any-time and that is something which the humble automobile gives us. Been in love with cars for as long as can remember and have been writing about them for nearly a decade now. Specialize in reporting about luxury and performance automobiles while having driven everything from a Ferrari to a Beetle!

Heléne Ramackers

Lifestyle & Travel Editor

A freelance journalist who enjoys interviewing local and international celebrities but thinks she has found her calling amongst the travel writing fraternity. When she is not fantasizing about her next leopard sighting, Heléne thrives on taking photos of her family and love ones capturing the beauty of sunrises, sunsets, rainbows and the magnificence of the full moon. She is born and bred in Cape Town.

Jarone Ashkenazi

Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Native to Los Angeles, Jarone Ashkenzai writes about luxury hotels, VIP experiences and upscale restaurants. He spends his free time traveling, playing sports and going on outdoor adventures. You can connect with him on Twitter at @JaroneAsh or at

Karen H. Berliner

Freelance Lifestyle Writer

A seasoned freelance journalist with a true love and flare for luxury food, wine and travel writing. Her passion for journalism coupled with her appreciation and driving interest in food and luxury travel, coupled with an insatiable wanderlust to boot, inspires her to explore this big world and bring back her finds to the local reader. Karen offers expertise in niche travel markets such as getaways, luxury resorts, cultural itineraries, spa finds and culinary & wine treasures.