The Best Yachts and Yacht Concepts of 2018

Purchasing a mega-yacht cements your status in the ultra-wealthy. Owning a multi-million-dollar massive vessel can be perfect to explore exotic and uncharted parts of the globe or also to invite friends and have a fun time at sea. For those who are ready to join this elite club or looking for inspiration for the design of their next yacht, here are some of the best yacht and yacht concepts that we have come across in 2018.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. There is simply no greater status symbol purchase than a massive vessel perfect for you and a few dozen friends to explore the most beautiful and exotic parts of the globe. So for those in this elite club (or those ready and eager to join), we have prepared a prime selection of the most exceptional yachts for sale and yacht concepts for 2018. Fresh from the big boat shows (Fort Lauderdale, Monaco), here are our most illustrious finds.

Sinot Yacht Nature yacht

Sinot Yacht – Nature

Raising the bar in the mega yacht luxury category is the 120-meter Nature by Sinot Yacht. Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, Nature follows Sinot’s policy of using the highest quality natural materials in each custom build on its outdoor decks and interior spaces. Designed to feel organic and harmonious with the environment, one of the yachts unique features is that the stern and side hatches expand, along with extending the roof hatches, which opens an open pool area perfect for both relaxation and entertaining. Along with an immaculate day spa and full-size gym, one of its key design elements is the spiral staircase at the center of the vessel which appears to float in place and connect lower and upper levels.

Heesen Yacht – Home yacht

Heesen Yacht – Home

The lightweight aluminum hull of Home by Hessen Yacht allows it to be fuel-efficient and achieve a top speed of 16.3 knots. Paired with hits near-silent hybrid propulsion, the wide staircase which leads from the swim platform to the main deck aft provides a grand entrance to the luxury yacht. The 50-meter yacht was designed by Italian designer Cristiano Gatto and gives cruisers an extremely modern and stylish feel on the water. In six staterooms, Home accommodates up to 12 guests and includes freestanding Paola Lenti furniture throughout a color palette of white, grey, silver and burgundy.

Dynami – GTT 115 yacht

Dynami – GTT 115

The first superyacht with Porsche DNA, the 35-meter GTT 115 blends comfortable high-speed cruising with race-car inspired design. With a max speed of 21 knots and cruising speed of 19 knots using hybrid propulsion, the yacht has ceiling heights over 7ft and comes in a 3-cabin or 4-cabin deck plan. Available in Carrara White, Rhodium Silver, Chalk, or special Monte-Carlo Blue from Porsche line exterior colors, the 1000+sqft sun deck has four versatile zones: bar and barbecue zone; aft sunbathing area, an alfresco dining area with 75-inch home theatre screen and a forward pool. With a build time of 20 months from contract signature, only seven are to be built, making this yacht a truly an exclusive collector’s edition.MESD 100 Superyacht Concept yacht

MESD 100 Superyacht concept

The 100-meter MESD 100 is the Superyacht concept from Norwegian Yacht designer Marius Skjolde. Included in the mega yacht is a large sloping deck with 7-meter pool and sundeck along with the yacht’s beach club which features a lounging space, spa area as well as a bar and a gym and direct access to the sea. With floor-to-ceiling windows on its upper deck and helipad found forward of the main deck, the sleek superyacht has a larger sun deck and a larger aft area from its predesccor.

Baglietto 43m Fast HT yacht

Baglietto – 43m Fast HT

The 43m Fast HT was designed by Francesco Paszkowski while the interiors by Margherita Casprini and is scheduled to be delivered in 2019. With a maximum speed of 28 knots and cruising speed of 25 knots, the sleek yacht can host up to 10 guests with seven crew members. Along with larger windows, significantly increased interior volumes and a hardtop to its sundeck, the interior uses beige and brown tones for a contemporary vibe.

Arcadia Sherpa - Panta Rei III yacht

Arcadia Sherpa – Panta Rei III

The 17-meter custom yacht Arcadia Sherpa Panta Rei III starts with a Rolls Royce iconic Silver Sand color on the exterior, which went through two months of testing. The elegant sky lounge, with white sofas and 360-degree views, can also turn into an enclosed space, when its side windows are risen up to the hard top. The two-cabin yacht are designed with rare marbles, handcrafted adornments, such as the hand-woven Jacaranda Chapatur carpet and spacious bathrooms.


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