Are there wrinkles and fine lines on your face that cause you to experience low self-confidence? Do you want to look younger even as you age? Then it would be best if you considered undergoing a 3D facial lift. 

Facelifts are becoming a regular procedure in today’s era, with a majority of the population wanting to eradicate any signs of aging from their facial structure. Facial aging is characterized by wrinkles, sagging skin, fold lines between your mouth and nose, among others. A 3D facelift is said to be a type of ‘aging reversal’ procedure and utilizes the most advanced technology to address these dermatologic issues. 

Read on the rest of this article to give you some reasons why you need to consider a 3D facelift on your next doctor’s appointment.

1. Adds Volume To Your Face

Some patients’ aging signs present themselves as sunken cheekbones and under eyes. These sunken features are a result of the body breaking down collagen and elastin proteins, that are responsible for the fat on your face. 

Fillers are deposited in these areas to lift your facial features. With a 3D facelift, you can utilize your own body fat as the filler. This is quite beneficial since, with your own fat, no foreign components are introduced in your body, eradicating the possibility of an allergic reaction. Your body can’t fight against your own elements, making it a safe procedure.

2. Eliminates Double-Chins

The excess hanging fat on your neck is what is commonly referred to as a double chin. With this kind of fat concentrated on a very sensitive area of your body, getting rid of it is often a problem. However, a 3D facelift will perform this ‘miracle’ for you in no time. 

Part of the procedures involved in the 3D facelift is the Exilis treatment to remove double chins. An Exilis treatment utilizes both radio-frequency, and ultra-sound technologies. This system works by heating the tissues beneath your skin. The heat is what burns down the fat until it’s completely eliminated. The feature that makes 3D facelifting differ from other fat-burning procedures is that it doesn’t only handle the superficial underlying tissues of your skin, but also targets deep tissues. This makes it quite an effective method. 

3. Addresses Underlying Cause Of Aging

Besides adding volume to your face to deal with your skin’s elasticity, a 3D facelift will also address the primary source of aging. This is the underlying structure of your face, below the collagen and fat. Your surgeon will surgically tighten the muscles and tissues beneath that tend to loosen and cause wrinkles and sagging. If you happen to have jowls, this process will get rid of them as well.

The structuring of your facial muscles also ensures that the facial lift will last longer, making it an efficient method with long-term effects. 

4. Improves Appearance The Skin and Facial Features

A 3D facelift includes a procedure known as skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing aims at improving your facial features for a smoother appearance. Your dermatologist will either use a chemical peel or a laser procedure. The chemical peel is non-invasive, while the laser method has both an invasive and non-invasive procedure. The choice depends on you, with insight from your surgeon. Skin resurfacing removes the top layer of your skin, eliminating wrinkles in the process. 

3D Facelift Procedure

5. Tackles All Aging Problems At Once

Most regular facelifting procedures mainly deal with facial sagging, which might not address all your other facial aging issues. This might require you to come in for another reconstruction in the future. 

However, a 3D facelift procedure will not only take care of your facial droop; it will also add volume to your face using a filler to deal with any elasticity or skin thickness issues. 

Instead of waiting for several sessions over a long time, why not choose the 3D facelift and address your aging issues at once, without compromising on quality? In just 12-14 days on average, you can recover from the procedure and slowly see your desired effects. 

6. Cost-Effective

As previously mentioned, a 3D facelift will address various issues, such as wrinkles, in one procedure. This saves you the money you’d have otherwise spent performing three different operations individually. It gives you three treatments at the cost of one. 

Also, with most 3D facial lifts having few side effects, you’ll spend less financial resources during aftercare.  You might only need to spend on pain medication for a couple of days if your pain tolerance is low.  


There are many reasons why you should call your surgeon and book that 3D facelift appointment. As you do this, it’s advisable to seek the services of a qualified and licensed cosmetic surgeon. You don’t want to get a 3D facelift from a doctor who’s not certified and end up with a disfigured face. Thus, do research or ask for recommendations from family and friends to ensure your safety.